Extremely brigth light on demand! Streamlight TLR-1: The brightest flashlight!

Streamlight TLR-1 LED Flashlight Reviews

Streamlight TLR-1If you read the led Flashlight reviews that are available, you will never want alternative for Streamlight TLR-1. In addition to if you do, that processes are generally simple, just like you end up with in order to observe the particular information. YourStreamlight TLR-1 makes use of the particular LED incandescent bulbs.

These are generally devices which in turn work on lower warm. For the reason that you’re LED within the seriously bright flashlight works out about Light Giving off Dioxide with very low temp. These are generally flashlights which are reasonable as well as easy to use. They will position simply no threat with any kind for individual utilize… The seriously bright flashlight is actually consequently amazing it may throw your light source grin more than 300meters.

All people that perceives this Streamlight TLR-1 hopes to acquire a single straight away. It’s therefore bright it is merely like obtaining the higher smile of one’s auto inside your fingers. The particular Streamlight TLR-1 can illuminate a lot area that it is a lot like sunny days.

The very bright encouraged possesses ten settings of operations. 4 settings are generally with the major performed plus the some other settings are generally to get extra characteristics. Your seriously bright led flashlight is merely remarkable. Around pitch black darkness you’ll be able to place the Streamlight TLR-1 with turbo manner along with the room are going to be lit up way up as with an ordinary property light upon.

It is evident of which obtaining the SOS purpose in a very Streamlight TLR-1 would have been a living saver. The item beats switching the idea in and also off of manually, constantly. Every associated with these flashing performs within Streamlight TLR-1 can be very helpful inside right problem. Thus the sluggish flash is outstanding for just a night navigational lessons to be a gun. The strobes are going to be real excellent for you to amaze folks and to disorientate them in a very security/police business office variety move.

The particular Streamlight TLR-1 may function for a couple of 2.5 hrs on run time. And also the reduced setting is actually bright sufficient if you are within a tent through the night. It is bright for those who awaken in the middle of your night time as well as your eyes happen to be close. It can perhaps light your own home with decreased during your night time.

Should the Streamlight TLR-1 will be turned on the item gets the seriously bright brought about flashlight. You should utilize to be a highlight to get searching and capturing.

You can actually sit down plus read the document, or have a chat like everyone else will together with gizmos with, with all the Streamlight TLR-1. It can be actually is just about the best flashlights you should get perhaps applied as well as owned or operated. The Streamlight TLR-1 can be a substantial electric led flashlight.

The particular batteries are generally strong you should fee these merely regarding 3-4 moments within concerning 18 many weeks. It’s the type of matter that you can retain for a childhood. Sometimes young children will enjoy the item. Don’t forget to read the rest of my led Flashlight reviews.

A truly Innovative and high powered flashlight: Fenix TK40!

The brightest flashlight: Fenix TK40 !

A truly Innovative and high powered flashlight Fenix TK40Fenix TK40 Flashlight will be a version of those substantial lumens flashlights and is utilized pertaining to many reasons. The most effective ways for a real use are the Fenix TK40 Flashlight. You only would need to produce a first time investment within paying for also it comes with rechargeable batteries.

Your efficacy of a flashlight is well known via the lumens. Lumen is often a way of measuring in order to measure the particular function time of your flashlight. One will discover large lumens flashlights and low lumen flashlights, depending upon the particular runtime belonging to the flashlight. Hundred lumens tend to be equal to in relation to twelve minutes regarding runtime. And so, you should be rigorous throughout picking the right down to your current prerequisite.

Exactly why many have a preference for substantial lumens flashlights happen because of these operate time frame and they are also quite simple to carry. And with Fenix TK40 Flashlight someone can also bring these outdoor quite very easily. You can usually decide on various manufacturers available.

These are usually recognized to offer nine hundred lumens and they are recognized to give large brightness in the process. Hence, most of these come to be important whenever you might want to travel in the dark. Anybody can in addition use a lot of the low lumen flashlights for the use in their particular house hold in the process.

The main fabric associated with battery that is certainly utilized as well as that gives the flashlight this components with recharging are the Metal metals. Fortunately they are identified thus to their strength and are also an appropriate choice for usual utilize. These could very last to get in relation to one. Eight times when they are generally billed fully and when is used constantly less than full electricity.

The particular higher lumens flashlights are usually quite very helpful if you can find foggy scenarios. The majority of the automobiles also provide these people, so that they can have got more purity while traveling at nighttime or within intense climatic conditions. It’s possible to also find the since torches and maybe they are developing plenty of attraction because of their easy to take care of construction as well as because of his or her very good result. Practically luckily they are utilized in your industry with optics.

Hence, anybody can decide the most beneficial high lumens flashlight as per this lumen power of these and in addition be sure to understand the features of the Fenix TK40 Flashlight which you will likely to be acquiring as there are many forms of all these higher lumens flashlights obtainable available in the market nowadays. Read the rest of my flashlight reviews and find the best led Flashlight!

Did you know that Fenix TK40 is the best led flashlight? Read this!

Fenix TK40 The Brightest Flashlight

Fenix TK40 is the best led flashlightWhen you want to order the brightest flashlight, some sort of journey towards corner drugstore to get that affordable reduced energy selection is not going to do the trick.

Flashlights, just like all signals, possess cross-bow supports that differ around power determined by your create as well as type. How much mild that your flashlight sets out there is calculated inside “lumens”. A lumen will be methodical dimension regarding simply how much light source is definitely provided by way of mild resource.

To supply people many opinion, any sixty watt light bulb is about 850 lumens. Inexpensive, poor lights manufacture regarding 30-60 lumens, so when it is likely you learn through experience, many people solely illuminate your yard some toes looking at you. That isn’t great to continue any camping out vacation and still have every want to go around exterior your tent or perhaps truck during the night — as well as if you wish to go around all over your front yard through the night with no tripping.

On the other hand, people ought not to fall out and get some sort of limelight that will light a new step in order to get a far more effective gentle during the night time.

There are several strong lights being made nowadays that are thousands of lumens such as Fenix TK40.

One of the most powerful lights that you can buy could be the Fenix TK40. Actually, they are just about the brightest lights available. Another Flashlight price tag is more expensive as compared with Fenix TK40. That’s saving funds from the flashlight since your Fenix TK40 is additionally blazingly bright as well as charges merely about $129.

With under $140, this Fenix TK40 could be the useful flashlight for the price available anywhere you want to. You’ll find it is definitely rechargeable and also a fee continues for more than a while. Its 75 seconds associated with runtime after staying priced way up intended for only two working hours. It may be hammered in to a normal outlet wall socket and also right car’s butt more compact, making use of a great adapter, which makes it suitable to consider about outdoor camping outings

Sufficient reason for the electricity with it has the beam, it might illumine the backyard and also a lengthy distance before people while in the darkest trees and shrubs. It also incorporates a white lighting, unlike standard halogen signals that have a yellowish dash that will these.

This Fenix TK40 can be and so bright this enables you to terrify down rough outdoors creatures on the outdoor living holiday – if you ever shine the idea in their little brown eyes are going to quickly blinded. In case you’re looking for something in the dark — people won’t choose a greater ally as compared with the brightest flashlight, that’ll illuminate your darkest sides from the night.

A top Led flashlight for any occurrence: Streamlight TLR-1! Read my flashlight reviews!

Streamlight TLR-1: The best led flashlight

A top Led flashlight for any occurrence Streamlight TLR-1 Read my flashlight reviewsChasing a see thousands fugitives during the particular night is perhaps the best harmful predicament than a police officer may previously should deal with. Within this handle with darkness, you’ll find a great number of places a risky arrest can certainly obscure.

An essential unit is really a tactical weapon build that could remove darkness from the particular overnight.Your Streamlight TLR-1 is often a small track attached tactical light that may give the police the advantage in the fleeing felon.

Weight just simply a couple of 2.32 ounce. Including the 3V CR2 battery pack, that well developed weapon item would not meddle at all using the functionality or perhaps reliability on the firearm.

The actual volume is usually only 2.71 inches long by 1.18 inches large and 1.51 inches height. The following pretty potent lightweight light has a 4,100 candela hug you power equivalent to 92 % of lumens of illuminating light. That light form offers 2-3 periods that brightness connected with high-flux LEDs and also the parabolic reflector concentrates the particular beam to make the item very much stronger.

Whether or not you might be in search lower any black alley or even seeking a new imagine throughout the compacted hardwoods, this Streamlight TLR-1 will give you uninterrupted outstanding light to get about a single and the other 1 / 2 a long time, as you can find in many flashlight reviews.

One of many issues cops plus anybody altogether different exactly who should affix any light form thus to their item sometimes have is security. That light have to supplement this gun without restrict your induce mechanism. It should also always be a long way sufficient from this muzzle in avoiding just about any careless how to proceed. The Streamlight TLR-1 fits each condition.

Basic safety continues to be granted leading priority with this smartly designed gun instrument. That light sums below the gun barrel on the weapon as well as there’s a speedy get in touch or perhaps remove procedure which is out there from your part without entry belonging to the marker.

Consist of that Streamlight TLR-1 is generally six compatible keys that could fit almost any good item. Top quality is integrated to the present tactical light. The body is constructed of a solid, impact-resistant polymer naff and is particularly as well watertight when sunken a single meter connected with mineral water with regard to up to 30 minutes.

Of which signify in case your pursuit prospects a person within a canal or perhaps body of water, this bright light will certainly continue to keep shine teeth whitening services until eventually you may get again in waterless area. High quality can be evident all through. Some sort of borofloat higher temperature cup contact lenses is definitely immune for you to itching and in addition protects those bright lights by staying impaired less than difficult employ. Keeping the Streamlight light nonetheless very strong is usually a machined aircraft metal skin cover.

Some sort of momentary/steady change makes your light about constantly or it may be fired up or perhaps off of at the moment’s observe. Each and every device is written having an exclusive serial amount in addition to includes a confined life warranty.

The Streamlight TLR-1 is usually an effectively created and created light which might be a great tool with the criminal court department in addition to those that prefer to move hunting. Provide by yourself the advantage regarding light on this compact, lightweight tactical light. Check out the rest of the flashlight reviews

Be One Of The First To Enjoy the best led flashlight: The Fenix TK40!

The brightest flashlight by Fenix flashlights: Fenix TK40

This Fenix TK40 flashlight is so brilliant that you might think like you’ve the power of an auto’s excessive beam headlight within your side. This particular Fenix TK40 flashlight is absolutely zero assessment for any Maglite torch. Consequently whose LED torch are we describing?

Fenix TK40 flashlight now I am hinting concerning can easily:

  • Illumine numerous over more than 200 yards
  • Operate pertaining to more than 150 hours
  • Sustain it has the normal water level of resistance reported by IPX-8 specifications
  • As well as features a Variety III anti-abrasive, hard-anodized outer walls

Your property in back of my own house is approximately 30 yards large. Seeing that we stood on the verandah and also shined that torch against this lawn, areas lighted way up through kennel area to kennel area when in the event the item was being normal.

Your Fenix TK40 gives you ten operation modes. The 1st several are widely-used for your principal function, and also the other several modes are generally pertaining to secondary performs.

These are generally your end product rankings (in lumens) with regard to all the 4 electricity settings:

  • Low = 13 Lumens
  • Medium = 93 Lumens
  • High = 277 Lumens
  • TURBO = 630 Lumens

Using three or more D-cell electric batteries inside our Maglite torch comes anywhere close that will within the Fenix’s Choice placing. That is definitely with all the order of the Maglite and the TK40 fixed on the exact same dimension. After that, the legitimate options for each manner will be:

  • Low = Gradual Thumb
  • Medium = SOS Expensive
  • High = Rapidly Flash
  • TURBO = Strobe Light

Of course, your SOS operate could consist of extremely very useful in a crisis. It is incredibly easier compared to converting this torch upon plus away continually. Really, these display options would be advantageous inside particular circumstances. Such as, your slower thumb function would be superb to tag any navigational program overnight. And also a security or even police can use the strobe environment to surprise plus disorient an individual enacting the offense.

The following part of fenix flashlights will run in lower strength for one hundred and fifty a long time. That is about 6 days and nights continuously! Yet precisely how shiny is always that environment? The idea puts away enough light sources to brighten the tent on a darker overnight. As well as it’s very bright if somebody wakes people by glowing them within your little brown eyes in the middle of your night time. That very low location certainly lightens upward my own house hold when it’s bluish.

From the TURBO manner, this particular very brilliant LED flashlight might be your own looking and also taking pictures focus. Zero kidding around! So you could work the idea pertaining to up to 2 hrs with of which environment.

Throughout total night, I will decide to put this factor in my own java stand directing towards the upper limit, make use of the turbo manner, and see and also only acquired a new light fixture about. You might understand that pieces of paper, hit on people, as well as perform any usual task. I do believe it belongs to the most effective flashlights truly ever before acquired plus made use of. I simply cannot believe just how brilliant it’s. That LED flashlight by fenix flashlights has a great deal of electricity

3 Reasons Why Fenix Are The Best LED Flashlights

Fenix Are The Best Flashlights

Correct lighting style is vital to get some kind of position that entails monitoring. No matter if that you’re heading the police induce or assigning saving workers recommended to their projects, you’ll constantly wish these people to get with LED flashlights good quality.

That will alone would move far away inside lowering how many how to handle things developing about the employment. Nonetheless, for those who have previously obtained flashlights prior to, you would understand that it is far from effortless to look for these types of gizmos.

You will discover way too many manufacturers out there, in fact it is not no problem finding out and about the most effective one with the position. Of course, there are some brand names that can quickly outperform the majority of other people, for example Fenix TK40.

3 Reasons Why Fenix Are The Best LED Flashlights

Wondering what the heck is consequently unique concerning LED flashlights of your type? Let’s determine:

  • Excessive power living

First, let’s look at the battery your life. After totally recharged, your successful batteries regarding Fenix TK40 LED flashlights maintain your torch deciding on one hundred fifty times instantly for the low-intensity setting. Certainly, people learn this right, which is the not much more as compared with five long days. Crank up that power all the way and you also can get the idea to stay going for 3 working hours ripped. This is method higher than merchandise in it is kind, in addition to is among the advantages for this undisputed attraction on the brand name.

  • Adaptable brightness degrees

Secondly, you’ll find at the least 3-4 various surroundings throughout nearly all Fenix TK40 LED flashlights. This positive also comes in very helpful as soon as working within various circumstances. Simply want a low-powered cause light to look for the particular glove area of any car?

Swap for you to decreased power placing to guarantee maximum power your life, plus only sufficient lights to satisfy my needs. On the flip side, when you are looking for your current lost dog during the night time, switch on the flashlight and also crank up that power to be able to highest. People won’t reach maintain them in to get more detailed in comparison with 2 hours yet there is a greater possibility that you’ll acquiring the puppy for the reason that light can easily reach up to 1-2 football fields.

  • High strength

As a final point, the great thing in relation to Fenix TK40 LED flashlights usually these are generally hugely durable, and may final for decades whenever adequately cared for. Maintain the prominent cup lens clean, and be sure you check out this flashlight periodically to measure pertaining to any kind of water buildup. In addition to that, Fenix TK40 LED flashlights usually do not essentially need just about any protection.

Considering the advantages mentioned previously, is it seriously the big surprise of which Fenix TK40 LED flashlights are a number of the very best lights products available?

Simply have a look at the internet’s websites that provide lighting style products and solutions, and find the Best LED Flashlight Fenix that is certainly simply just right for you.

Why now is the right time to get the Fenix E21 Polystinger? Read this!

My Fenix E21 Polystinger DS LED Light review: a great LED flashlight!

Why now is the right time to get the Fenix E21 Polystinger Read thisIf your hobbies happen to include various outdoors activities such as hiking and exploration  then you definitely know that carrying a good flashlight with you when you are alone in the great outdoors, is very important!

Not only will it come in handy in case you decide to explore a dark place like an abandoned building or a cave for example, but a good flashlight will also help you get back home, should you find yourself out after nightfall!

In fact, having the right flashlight could even save your life since you will be able to use its bright and powerful light beam to scare attacking nocturnal animals away, or to signal search and rescue parties and other hikers for help in case you got lost at night or injured because of an accident!

I think that it’s now pretty clear why having a very high powered flashlight with you is imperative before setting out for your adventure into the great outdoors! Which is why you should definitely get a LED flashlight! These are the brightest flashlight models that you can get right now and they are also extremely versatile! They are also being used by numerous police and security services the world over! The reason for that is that they can produce a very bright and powerful light beam that will provide the user with better visibility even in pitch dark lighting conditions, as well as the fact that they can also be used for self defense against threats: their light is so bright ad strong that it can can be used to easily blind and disorientate someone for a short amount of time, simply by pointing it to their eyes!

Because of their extremely bright light beams, LED flashlights will allow you to see much better after night fall and they will be much more effective than conventional flashlights when used to signal other people for help or in order to get the attention of search parties and rescuers!

LED flashlights are so popular and in very great demand nowadays, that there are literally hundreds of models available to choose from! In order to help you pick the best flashlight one for you, we’ll take a detailed at one of the most popular and well reviewed models, the Fenix E21 Polystinger DS LED Light! Does it live up to all the hype surrounding it? Well, keep on reading and you’ll find out!

Why now is the right time to get the Fenix E21 Polystinger  Read this

Fenix E21 Polystinger Overview

The brand new Fenix E21 Polystinger flashlight is very easy to use and powerful and it has been specially designed to cover all of your needs! First of all, it comes equipped with two switch systems, one located on its front and one its tail cap, allowing you to turn it on and off and switch between its modes and functions effortlessly and regardless of how you’re holding your Polystinger LED flashlight!

You can use either switch system to choose between three light intensity modes and a strobe light function! When it comes to light intensity, this amazing LED flashlight can provide you with an extremely bright 185 lumens light in its high setting, for more than 2 hours of non stop use! Furthermore, the Fenix PolyStinger DS LED will also effortlessly provide you with a highly focused light beam with an extremely long “throw” range, even in its highest setting! Finally, the DS LED Polystinger is also fully compatible with all accessories that you may own for other Fenix Flashlights!

Features of Fenix E21 Polystinger

  • The new Fenix Polystinger DS LED flashlight, comes equipped with the state of the art C4 LED Technology and light bulb, which is very shock resistant and can easily last you for at least 50,000 hours!
  • The Polystinger DS Led is extremely bright, it can produce up to 185 lumens in the high setting , 95 lumens in the medium and 45 lumens in the lowest one!
  • It can “throw” the light beam more than 310 meters away! That’s more than 1000 feet!
  • Thanks to its specially designed deep dish parabolic reflector, the Fenix Polystinger can produce produces a light beam that can travel really far, while illuminating the are around it, providing you with better peripheral vision!
  • It features two charge modes: the full one which will make it last for up to 10 hours of use and the fast charge that will allow it to work for around 2.5 hours!
  • The Polystinger Fenix comes with a 3-cell 3.6V nickel-cadmium sub-C battery that can be charged up to 1,000 times included in the package!
  • It features two specially designed switch control systems, one on its front and one on its cap, allowing you to quickly switch between light intensity modes and functions no matter how hold your LED flashlight!

The Good and The Bad of Fenix E21 Polystinger

The Good:

  1. It’s really bright!
  2. Great build quality!
  3. Revolutionary double switch system which offers you complete control regardless of the way you hold the flashlight!
  4. It has a really long throw range!
  5. It’s a rechargeable flashlight!
  6. Great battery life!
  7. Great price on amazon.com!

The Bad:

  1. It’s con compatible with certain Fenix battery chargers that you may own.
  2. It may have trouble fitting in some holsters.

Where to buy Fenix E21 Polystinger from and for how much.

The best place to get the Fenix E21 Polystinger DS LED Light is definitely amazon.com! Not only will you find the best price on the market for it there, just $112.17, but they’ll even ship it right to your doorstep fast and completely free of charge!

Affiliate Disclaimer
I would like to inform you that i spend countless hours reviewing a great variety of products. If you found this review and the other flashlight reviews of this site useful; then please support my efforts. I am not asking for any donations. If you want to help me continue reviewing and you are going to buy this Fenix E21 Polystinger then do so on amazon.com

A Rare Opportunity To obdain a great flashlight: The Olight 50109!

Olight 50109 SR90 Intimidator Led flashlight: My

A Rare Opportunity To obdain a great flashlight The Olight 50109I think that we can all agree that, no one likes being left alone in the dark! It has nothing to do with being brave or being  afraid of it, it’s just that the dark can be very dangerous!

Granted, it’s not like you will be in danger of getting attacked by ghosts and vampires, the danger is actually way more simple and real: you just can’t see where you’re going in the dark and then there’s also the fact that others can’t see you coming as well, which sometimes can be just as dangerous!

This is why flashlights have become so popular and why you can find at least one of them in every house hold in the world!

Flashlights are also very valuable “tools of the trade” for some people, like policemen and people working for security agencies in general! These people have to venture in or patrol dark areas and buildings which can be used by criminals and drug users as hide outs,  on a daily basis, which means that having the brightest flashlight is essential, and this is exactly the reason why LED Flashlights were invented!

LED flashlights can easily produce very powerful and bright light beams, which is why they are now the most popular flashlight models on the market! Civilians love them because they are extremely bright, which makes them really effective sources of light in case of a black out. People working for law enforcement all over the world on the other hand love and use them for the same reason, but also because a good LED flashlight can also be used for self defense, very effectively its extremely bright light will easily disorientate or even temporarily blind an attacker!

There are many LED flashlight reviews out there, but in this one we will take a very detailed look at the brand new Olight 50109 SR90 Intimidator Flashlight! Many reviewers and users alike claim that it is one of the best and brightest LED flashlights that you can currently get! Are they right? Well, keep on reading my detailed review and you’ll find out!

A Rare Opportunity To obdain a great flashlight  The Olight 50109

Olight 50109 Overview

The brand new Olight SR90 Intimidator is here and it will completely revolutionize LED flashlight technology! This amazing and state of the art LED flashlight can easily produce up to 2200 lumens of light intensity, which makes it brighter and more powerful than a car’s headlights!

The other thing that sets the Olight 50109 Intimidator apart from its competition, is that it can operate in its full capacity instantly so in conjunction with its strobe function, this makes it one of the best flashlight models for self defense! It also features state of the art optical equipment to provide you with a very clean and smooth light beam at all times!

Furthermore, The Intimidator SR90 Olight comes equipped with the cutting edge  Luminus SST-90 LED, 30W LED light bulb which will easily last you for more than 60,000 hours! It also features two brightness levels and a strobe function, like I mentioned above!

On the high setting, the Olight Intimidator will provide you with 2200 lumens worth of light for more than 80 minutes of continuous use, while in the low setting, it can produce 700 lumens for more than 9 hours straight, finally, the strobe function can be produce a whopping 2200 lumens at 10 Hz for more than 150 minutes. Another awesome thing about the Olight SR90 is the fact that its beam has a range of 1000 meters!

It is also equipped with a very high tech digital power management system that will keep its performance and light beam consistent at all times. Finally, it comes with six 18650 7.2V rechargeable batteries included in the package! In short, if you’re looking for a good self defense LED flashlight, look no further!

Olight 50109 Features

  • Amazing brightness:

Thanks to its state of the art reflector the Olight 50109 SR90 Intimidator can provide you with 2200 lumens worth of light! That easily makes it brighter and more powerful than the headlights of a car!

  • Unprecedented Throw!

Thanks to its amazingly high quality optics, the Olight 50109 Intimidator can easily “throw” its light beam as far as 1000 meters away from the user!

  • State of the art LED light bulb!

The Olight SR90 is equipped with the very latest in LED light bulb technology: the Luminous SST-90 LED bulb! Thanks to that, and you can always count on it providing you with the brightest ligt possible, instantly! Furthermore, the light bulb will last you more than 60,000 hours!

  • Very versatile!

It features two light intensity modes, high (2200 lumens) and low (700 lumens) as well as a strobe function working with 2200 lumens worth of light!

Olight 50109 Pros and Cons


  1. One of the brightest rechargeable LED flashlight models on the market!
  2. It can throw its light beam more than a kilometer away!
  3. It comes with rechargeable batteries included in the package!
  4. It’s equipped with the amazing Luminous SST-90 LED bulb which has a lifespan of more than 60,000 hours!
  5. It features two brightness modes and a strobe function working with 2,000 lumens worth of light, making it excellent for self defense!
  6. Thanks to its state of the art digital circuits it will provide you consistently with excellent performance!
  7. Great price on amazon.com!


  1. A bit on the pricey side.
  2. Might be a bit over the top for home use.

Where to get Olight 50109 from and for how much?

The best place to get the Olight 50109 SR90 Intimidator from, is definitely amazon.com! Not only will you find the best price for it there, just $329.95, but they will also ship it to you very fast and for free!

Affiliate Disclaimer
I would like to inform you that i spend countless hours reviewing a great variety of products. If you found this review and the other flashlight reviews of this site useful; then please support my efforts. I am not asking for any donations. If you want to help me continue reviewing and you are going to buy this Olight 50109 then do so on amazon.com

See How Easily You Can fight the darkness with the Olight Warrior M20S

 Looking for a good LED flashlight? Read my Olight Warrior M20S review!

Olight Warrior M20S reviewLike every technological products and gadgets, flashlights have greatly evolved these part few years, becoming better and more useful than ever!

The advent of the LED lighting technology, led to the development of the LED flashlight! These amazing new flashlights are very versatile and effective and they are used in new fields everyday!

The LED flashlights have been a big hit with law enforcement agencies and security companies! This is because thanks to their special design and excellent build quality they can be used by policemen and security in order to better shine through the dark, but they can also double as effective self defense weapons!

Their light output is bright enough to temporarily blind an opponent, thus providing the user with an advantage in close quarters combat or a chance to flee. These amazing new LED flashlights though can also be used as melee weapons should an attacker get too close!

That is not to say that LED flashlights are not for civilian use! In fact, they are currently way more popular than traditional flashlights, mainly because of their better performance and lower maintenance costs! Since the demand for these products is so high, it’s only natural that there will be hundreds of models available on the market! This can making finding the right one for you really difficult some times, but have no fear! We are here to help you!

In this review, we will take an in depth look at one of the best LED flashlight models currently available on the market, the Olight M20S Warrior R5 Tactical Flashlight! Is it really as good as so many reviewers claim? Well, read my review to find out!

Olight Warrior M20S reviews

Olight Warrior M20S Description:

Having been specifically designed with soldiers and people working in law enforcement in mind, r the brand new Olight M20 Warrior is an extremely well built and very versatile LED flashlight! It has been built using some of the best and more durable materials known to man, thus making it nigh indestructible and great for use in harsh conditions!

But as I said earlier, the Olight Warrior M20S is also extremely versatile! It comes with multiple light levels, allowing you to save battery life when you don’t need to operate it in its full output mode. Apart from being an excellent and really bright flashlight though, the M20S Warrior can also double as a self defense weapon!

Thanks to its extremely bright maximum light output and its strobe lighting function, it can be used to temporarily blind an opponent or disorientate him! Should the situation degenerate to a brawl, the Olight Warrior brightest flashlight will also serve you well! Thanks to its stainless steel striking bezel, it can be used really effectively as a melee weapon!

Thanks to its multiple levels of light output, which peak at a maximum of a whoping 320 lumens, the strobe light function and its excellent build quality, M20 Warrior Olight is the perfect choice for all police officers, security agents and fans of the outdoors! If you want the Olight Warrior M20S i highly recommend you buy it through amazon.COM. It has the cheapest price.

A more detailed look at Olight Warrior M20S features:

  • The Olight Warrior M20S Tactical Flashlight features a specially designed side switch that provides you with direct and immediate control over the selection of light intensity and the activation and deactivation of the strobe function and it even allows you to easily turn it on and off!
  • The Warrior M20S is also equipped with a special tactical switch which allows you to easily switch the flashlight on and off, instantly! This tactical switch protrudes from the flashlights body for easier and quicker access!
  • The Olight Warrior M20S also comes with a removable striking bezel which can be used to turn this flashlight into an effective self defense and hand to hand combat weapon!
  • Thanks to its entirely aluminum body and the special anti-scratching Type III Mil-Spec Hard coating, the M20S Olight Warrior can take a lot of punishment, making it virtually indestructible!
  • It also features a low battery indicator to warn you when it’s running out of power, in order for you to replace the battery and not be suddenly left alone in the dark!

The Good and The Bad of Olight Warrior M20S

The Good:

  1. Amazing build quality thanks to which this LED flashlight will last you a life time!
  2. Really bright maximum light output mode that can also be used to temporarily blind an assailant!
  3. Adjustable light output level that allows you to extend the battery life!
  4. Stainless steel striking bezel that can be used to turn it into a weapon!
  5. Low battery warning indicator!
  6. Tactical switch for instantaneous activation and deactivation!
  7. Great price on amazon.com!

The Bad:

  1. It’s not a rechargeable LED flashlight.
  2. The beam can be sightly off center some times.

Where to buy Olight Warrior M20S from and for how much.

The best place to get the Olight Warrior M20S Tactical Flashlight from, is definitely amazon.com! They sell it for the cheapest price on the market there, only $72.95 and they will ship it to you really fast and for free!

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The Greatest led flashlight in the last years: Surefire E2D!

My Surefire E2D Defender review: an amazing LED flashlight!

The Greatest led flashlight in the last years SurefireIf you have seen any security agents or police officers lately, you must have noticed one thing: each was carrying a cool looking flashlight with him or her!

This is because flashlights are now an essential part of any police officer’s or security guard’s kit!

First of all they need the light in order to investigate something that may have caught their attention in a dark place! Then there’s the fact that pretty much all of the latest LED flashlights, can also be used as weapons!

Their bright lights can be used to blind or disorientate an opponent, while their strong and durable bodies, can be used for melee attacks!

But LED flashlights are not only for people working for law enforcement agencies ad security companies, they are also really useful to us, normal people as well! First of all, they are extremely bright, which makes them perfect to have around the house in case there is a power outage in the middle of the night!

They are also really useful for motorists as well, since they can help you see what’s going on, should your car break down in the middle of the night, as well as attract the attention of other cars and passers by, in order to get their help!

In other words, everyone needs a good and bright flashlight, which is why LED flashlights have become so popular these last few years and why there are so many models currently available on the market! Finding the best flashlight for you is very important if you are a policeman or security officer since it’s one of the tools of your trade! This is why in this review, we’ll talk in detail about one of the best LED flashlights currently on the market, the brand new Surefire ED2 LED Defender!

Is it as good as many users and reviewers claim and if so, what makes it so awesome? Well all those questions will be answered in my review! Just keep on reading!

The Greatest led flashlight in the last years Surefire!

Surefire E2D Overview

The brand new SureFire E2D LED Defender Dual-Output LED Flashlight has been specifically designed with people working in the security industry and law enforcement in mind! This is why it is a really well built LED flashlight that cat easily produce a really bright 200 lumen light beam when using its high intensity setting!

In order to preserve its battery life, you can also use its specially designed switch to choose one of the lower intensity settings of the Surefire E2D flashlight! This way you’ll get more than enough light to check out and easily investigate dark places, without worrying about running out of battery!

What makes the SureFire Defender really stand out though, is the fact that it can be very effectively used as a self defense weapon! First of all, its extremely bright 200 lumen beam can be use to blind an attacker temporarily, giving you an edge in close quarters combat! Should you have to resort to physical violence, you can use the crenellated Strike Bezel in conjunction with the scalloped tail cap of the Defender E2D, to turn it into a really effective and easy to wield melee weapon!

Surefire E2D Features

  • Amazing build quality: The SureFire Defender has been built especially for policemen and security guards, which why the very best and strongest materials, like aircraft grade aluminum, were used in irder to make it virtually indestructible!
  • Adjustable light intensity: You can choose the light output levels of the Surefire E2D Defender, in order to make the batteries last longer and ensure that it won’t be out of power when you need it! You can use the low setting to look around and save battery life and the high setting to see through pitch dark areas and even to blind attackers!
  • Unique lens: The Surefire E2D features a specially designed lens that allows the beam to focus on one spot, while also illuminating the are around it, thus providing you with better peripheral vision!
  • Top of the line glass: The Defender E2D’s window has been built using state of the art coated tempered glass, allowing it to improve the performance of the flashlight and making it virtually indestructible since it will be able to sustain all impacts!
  • Excellent melee weapon: Thanks to the fact that it comes equipped with SureFire’s specially designed Strike Bezel® part, the E2D Defender LED Flashlight also doubles as a very effective weapon for hand to hand combat and self defence!
  • Easy to use controls: You can select light beam intensity mode and turn the flashlight on and off really easily, by using the specially designed switch found on the tail cap!

Surefire E2D: The Good and The Bad

The Good:

  1. Amazing build quality which makes it nearly indestructible!
  2. Very bright! The light in produces in its highest intensity setting can easily blind an attacker, temporarily!
  3. You can choose the intensity of its light beam in order to extend the life of the battery!
  4. Excellent self defense weapon!
  5. Really to access and use all its features!
  6. Great price on amazon.com!

The Bad:

  1. It’s not water proof.
  2. It’s not a rechargeable LED flashlight.

Where to buy Surefire E2D from and for how much:

The best place to get the Surefire ED2 LED Defender from is definitely amazon.com! They have the best price for it there, just $189.00 and they will also ship it to your home fast and completely free o charge!

Affiliate Disclaimer
I would like to inform you that i spend countless hours reviewing a great variety of products. If you found this review and the other flashlight reviews of this site useful; then please support my efforts. I am not asking for any donations. If you want to help me continue reviewing and you are going to buy this Surefire E2D then do so on amazon.com