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Olight 50109 SR90 Intimidator Led flashlight: My – A Rare Opportunity To obdain a great flashlight: The Olight 50109!

I think that we can all agree that, no one likes being left alone in the dark! It has nothing to do with being brave or being  afraid of it, it’s just that the dark can be very dangerous!

Granted, it’s not like you will be in danger of getting attacked by ghosts and vampires, the danger is actually way more simple and real: you just can’t see where you’re going in the dark and then there’s also the fact that others can’t see you coming as well, which sometimes can be just as dangerous!

This is why flashlights have become so popular and why you can find at least one of them in every house hold in the world!

Flashlights are also very valuable “tools of the trade” for some people, like policemen and people working for security agencies in general! These people have to venture in or patrol dark areas and buildings which can be used by criminals and drug users as hide outs,  on a daily basis, which means that having the brightest flashlight is essential, and this is exactly the reason why LED Flashlights were invented!

LED flashlights can easily produce very powerful and bright light beams, which is why they are now the most popular flashlight models on the market! Civilians love them because they are extremely bright, which makes them really effective sources of light in case of a black out. People working for law enforcement all over the world on the other hand love and use them for the same reason, but also because a good LED flashlight can also be used for self defense, very effectively its extremely bright light will easily disorientate or even temporarily blind an attacker!

There are many LED flashlight reviews out there, but in this one we will take a very detailed look at the brand new Olight 50109 SR90 Intimidator Flashlight! Many reviewers and users alike claim that it is one of the best and brightest LED flashlights that you can currently get! Are they right? Well, keep on reading my detailed review and you’ll find out!

Olight 50109 Overview

The brand new Olight SR90 Intimidator is here and it will completely revolutionize LED flashlight technology! This amazing and state of the art LED flashlight can easily produce up to 2200 lumens of light intensity, which makes it brighter and more powerful than a car’s headlights!

The other thing that sets the Olight 50109 Intimidator apart from its competition, is that it can operate in its full capacity instantly so in conjunction with its strobe function, this makes it one of the best flashlight models for self defense! It also features state of the art optical equipment to provide you with a very clean and smooth light beam at all times!

Furthermore, The Intimidator SR90 Olight comes equipped with the cutting edge  Luminus SST-90 LED, 30W LED light bulb which will easily last you for more than 60,000 hours! It also features two brightness levels and a strobe function, like I mentioned above!

On the high setting, the Olight Intimidator will provide you with 2200 lumens worth of light for more than 80 minutes of continuous use, while in the low setting, it can produce 700 lumens for more than 9 hours straight, finally, the strobe function can be produce a whopping 2200 lumens at 10 Hz for more than 150 minutes. Another awesome thing about the Olight SR90 is the fact that its beam has a range of 1000 meters!

It is also equipped with a very high tech digital power management system that will keep its performance and light beam consistent at all times. Finally, it comes with six 18650 7.2V rechargeable batteries included in the package! In short, if you’re looking for a good self defense LED flashlight, look no further!

Olight 50109 Features

  • Amazing brightness:

Thanks to its state of the art reflector the Olight 50109 SR90 Intimidator can provide you with 2200 lumens worth of light! That easily makes it brighter and more powerful than the headlights of a car!

  • Unprecedented Throw!

Thanks to its amazingly high quality optics, the Olight 50109 Intimidator can easily “throw” its light beam as far as 1000 meters away from the user!

  • State of the art LED light bulb!

The Olight SR90 is equipped with the very latest in LED light bulb technology: the Luminous SST-90 LED bulb! Thanks to that, and you can always count on it providing you with the brightest ligt possible, instantly! Furthermore, the light bulb will last you more than 60,000 hours!

  • Very versatile!

It features two light intensity modes, high (2200 lumens) and low (700 lumens) as well as a strobe function working with 2200 lumens worth of light!

Olight 50109 Pros and Cons


  1. One of the brightest rechargeable LED flashlight models on the market!
  2. It can throw its light beam more than a kilometer away!
  3. It comes with rechargeable batteries included in the package!
  4. It’s equipped with the amazing Luminous SST-90 LED bulb which has a lifespan of more than 60,000 hours!
  5. It features two brightness modes and a strobe function working with 2,000 lumens worth of light, making it excellent for self defense!
  6. Thanks to its state of the art digital circuits it will provide you consistently with excellent performance!
  7. Great price on!


  1. A bit on the pricey side.
  2. Might be a bit over the top for home use.

Don’t buy the Olight SR92 before reading my review!Get Rid of darkness Once and For All! Read my Olight SR92 review!

Because of their ability to produce extremely bright light beams LED flashlights are the most popular and best selling flashlights nowadays and their popularity just keeps on rising!

People love them because their extreme brightness and very how power which makes them the most effective and dependable light sources in case of an emergency!

But these amazing flashlights are also used extensively by people working for law enforcement services as well as security companies all over the world, because they can also double as highly effective self defense weapons!

In case of an attack, their light beam can be pointed at the attacker’s eyes in order to cause temporary blindness and disorientation, thus buying the officer precious time to make his move!

But having the brightest flashlight is also very important for people traveling a lot with their cars or those who enjoy taking part  in outdoors activities or you just like camping or fishing every now and then!

A powerful LED flashlight will not only illuminate the dark more effectively and help you see better after the sun goes down, but it will also help you attract attention and get help, in case you get into trouble! In other words, a good LED flashlight can even save your life one day!

Just imagine that you’re traveling on a deserted road at night and your car breaks down, or that you got lost in the woods after dark. How will signal for help? The most efficient way is to make sure that you are as visible as possible and that your current location is easy to spot and what better way to achieve that than with the light beam of a powerful flashlight? It will be like having your very own Bat Signal!

In this flashlight review, we will take an in depth look at the brand new Olight SR92 Cree XM-L LED Flashlight! According to numerous led flashlight reviews it is one of the best and brightest LED flashlights currently on the market! Does it live up to the hype? Well, keep on reading my detailed review and you’ll find out!

Olight SR92 Overview:

The Olight SR92 is the newest LED flashlight made by industry leaders Olight, famous all over the world for their well built and high quality products! What places this new models head and shoulders above its competition, is the fact that it comes equipped with 3 separate state of the art Cree XM-L LED light bulbs, each equipped with its very own specially designed reflector for better performance!

This unique and ingenious setup, allows the SR92 Olight, to produce a maximum light output of about 1,700 lumens and a throw range that can easily reach and exceed 1,000 meters! Furthermore, the light produced apart from being very bright and powerful, will also illuminate the area around it very effectively, making it great for use by search and rescue crews and teams.

The SR92 is powered by thigh quality rechargeable batteries! Finally, it also comes with a specially designed aluminum storage case for safe storage and transport!

Olight SR92 Features:

  • The Olight SR92 is first Olight LED flashlight to feature not one, but three state of the art CREE T6 XM-L LED light bulbs, each equipped with its own specially designed reflector for more consistent and brighter performance!
  • It comes with high quality rechargeable batteries included in the package. Its batteries are also compatible with the Olight SR90 and SR91 flashlights and its also comptible with many other accessories made by Olight!
  • It can output up to 1700 lumens of light while working at maximum capacity! It’s light beam can be projected up to 1000 meters away rom the user! Also, the batteries will last you for up to 15 hours, according to the use.
  • The Olight SR92 features a specially designed and almost indestructible body made exclusively out of high quality and very durable aluminum, complete with a special anti-abrasive type III hard anodization coat that will make sure that it will always look as good as the day you bought it!
  • The SR92 Olight LED Flashlight is equipped with a smart temperature control system that will prevent it getting from overheating and the damage that this could cause!

Pros and Cons of Olight SR92


  1. Extremely bright! It’s way brighter than a 1000 lumen flashlight!
  2. It has an amazingly long throw range!
  3. Build to last! Thanks to its aluminum body, this baby will last you a lifetime!
  4. Easy to use!
  5. It’s a rechargeable flashlight and it even comes with rechargeable batteries included.
  6. Features a special system that allows it to prevent problems caused by overheating.
  7. Compatible with many Olight accessories and products!
  8. Great price on!


  1. The rechargeable batteries included are not the best.
  2. The light in the center of the beam is not that well focused.

Looking for a good LED flashlight? Read my Olight Warrior M20SX review! See How Easily You Can fight the darkness with the Olight Warrior M20SX

Like every technological products and gadgets, flashlights have greatly evolved these part few years, becoming better and more useful than ever!The advent of the LED lighting technology, led to the development of the LED flashlight! These amazing new flashlights are very versatile and effective and they are used in new fields everyday!

The LED flashlights have been a big hit with law enforcement agencies and security companies! This is because thanks to their special design and excellent build quality they can be used by policemen and security in order to better shine through the dark, but they can also double as effective self defense weapons!

Their light output is bright enough to temporarily blind an opponent, thus providing the user with an advantage in close quarters combat or a chance to flee. These amazing new LED flashlights though can also be used as melee weapons should an attacker get too close!
That is not to say that LED flashlights are not for civilian use! In fact, they are currently way more popular than traditional flashlights, mainly because of their better performance and lower maintenance costs! Since the demand for these products is so high, it’s only natural that there will be hundreds of models available on the market! This can making finding the right one for you really difficult some times, but have no fear! We are here to help you!

In this review, we will take an in depth look at one of the best LED flashlight models currently available on the market, the Olight M20SX Warrior R5 Tactical Flashlight! Is it really as good as so many reviewers claim? Well, read my review to find out!

Olight Warrior M20SX Description:

Having been specifically designed with soldiers and people working in law enforcement in mind, r the brand new Olight M20 Warrior is an extremely well built and very versatile LED flashlight! It has been built using some of the best and more durable materials known to man, thus making it nigh indestructible and great for use in harsh conditions!

But as I said earlier, the Olight Warrior M20SX is also extremely versatile! It comes with multiple light levels, allowing you to save battery life when you don’t need to operate it in its full output mode. Apart from being an excellent and really bright flashlight though, the M20SX Warrior can also double as a self defense weapon!

Thanks to its extremely bright maximum light output and its strobe lighting function, it can be used to temporarily blind an opponent or disorientate him! Should the situation degenerate to a brawl, the Olight Warrior brightest flashlight will also serve you well! Thanks to its stainless steel striking bezel, it can be used really effectively as a melee weapon!

Thanks to its multiple levels of light output, which peak at a maximum of a whoping 550 lumens, the strobe light function and its excellent build quality, M20 Warrior Olight is the perfect choice for all police officers, security agents and fans of the outdoors! If you want the Olight Warrior M20SX i highly recommend you buy it through It has the cheapest price.

A more detailed look at Olight Warrior M20SX features:

  • The Olight Warrior M20SX Tactical Flashlight features a specially designed side switch that provides you with direct and immediate control over the selection of light intensity and the activation and deactivation of the strobe function and it even allows you to easily turn it on and off!
  • The Warrior M20SX is also equipped with a special tactical switch which allows you to easily switch the flashlight on and off, instantly! This tactical switch protrudes from the flashlights body for easier and quicker access!
  • The Olight Warrior M20SX also comes with a removable striking bezel which can be used to turn this flashlight into an effective self defense and hand to hand combat weapon!
  • Thanks to its entirely aluminum body and the special anti-scratching Type III Mil-Spec Hard coating, the M20SX Olight Warrior can take a lot of punishment, making it virtually indestructible!
  • It also features a low battery indicator to warn you when it’s running out of power, in order for you to replace the battery and not be suddenly left alone in the dark!

The Good and The Bad of Olight Warrior M20SX

The Good:

  1. Amazing build quality thanks to which this LED flashlight will last you a life time!
  2. Really bright maximum light output mode that can also be used to temporarily blind an assailant!
  3. Adjustable light output level that allows you to extend the battery life!
  4. Stainless steel striking bezel that can be used to turn it into a weapon!
  5. Low battery warning indicator!
  6. Tactical switch for instantaneous activation and deactivation!
  7. Great price on!

The Bad:

  1. It’s not a rechargeable LED flashlight.
  2. The beam can be sightly off center some times.

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