If you have seen any security agents or police officers lately, you must have noticed one thing: each was carrying a cool looking flashlight with him or her!

This is because flashlights are now an essential part of any police officer’s or security guard’s kit!

First of all they need the light in order to investigate something that may have caught their attention in a dark place! Then there’s the fact that pretty much all of the latest LED flashlights, can also be used as weapons!

Their bright lights can be used to blind or disorientate an opponent, while their strong and durable bodies, can be used for melee attacks!

But LED flashlights are not only for people working for law enforcement agencies ad security companies, they are also really useful to us, normal people as well! First of all, they are extremely bright, which makes them perfect to have around the house in case there is a power outage in the middle of the night!

They are also really useful for motorists as well, since they can help you see what’s going on, should your car break down in the middle of the night, as well as attract the attention of other cars and passers by, in order to get their help!

In other words, everyone needs a good and bright flashlight, which is why LED flashlights have become so popular these last few years and why there are so many models currently available on the market! Finding the best flashlight for you is very important if you are a policeman or security officer since it’s one of the tools of your trade! This is why in this review, we’ll talk in detail about one of the best LED flashlights currently on the market, the brand new Surefire ED2 LED Defender!

Is it as good as many users and reviewers claim and if so, what makes it so awesome? Well all those questions will be answered in my review! Just keep on reading!

Surefire E2D Overview

The brand new SureFire E2D LED Defender Dual-Output LED Flashlight has been specifically designed with people working in the security industry and law enforcement in mind! This is why it is a really well built LED flashlight that cat easily produce a really bright 200 lumen light beam when using its high intensity setting!

In order to preserve its battery life, you can also use its specially designed switch to choose one of the lower intensity settings of the Surefire E2D flashlight! This way you’ll get more than enough light to check out and easily investigate dark places, without worrying about running out of battery!

What makes the SureFire Defender really stand out though, is the fact that it can be very effectively used as a self defense weapon! First of all, its extremely bright 200 lumen beam can be use to blind an attacker temporarily, giving you an edge in close quarters combat! Should you have to resort to physical violence, you can use the crenellated Strike Bezel in conjunction with the scalloped tail cap of the Defender E2D, to turn it into a really effective and easy to wield melee weapon!

Surefire E2D Features

  • Amazing build quality: The SureFire Defender has been built especially for policemen and security guards, which why the very best and strongest materials, like aircraft grade aluminum, were used in irder to make it virtually indestructible!
  • Adjustable light intensity: You can choose the light output levels of the Surefire E2D Defender, in order to make the batteries last longer and ensure that it won’t be out of power when you need it! You can use the low setting to look around and save battery life and the high setting to see through pitch dark areas and even to blind attackers!
  • Unique lens: The Surefire E2D features a specially designed lens that allows the beam to focus on one spot, while also illuminating the are around it, thus providing you with better peripheral vision!
  • Top of the line glass: The Defender E2D’s window has been built using state of the art coated tempered glass, allowing it to improve the performance of the flashlight and making it virtually indestructible since it will be able to sustain all impacts!
  • Excellent melee weapon: Thanks to the fact that it comes equipped with SureFire’s specially designed Strike Bezel® part, the E2D Defender LED Flashlight also doubles as a very effective weapon for hand to hand combat and self defence!
  • Easy to use controls: You can select light beam intensity mode and turn the flashlight on and off really easily, by using the specially designed switch found on the tail cap!

Surefire E2D: The Good and The Bad

The Good:

  1. Amazing build quality which makes it nearly indestructible!
  2. Very bright! The light in produces in its highest intensity setting can easily blind an attacker, temporarily!
  3. You can choose the intensity of its light beam in order to extend the life of the battery!
  4. Excellent self defense weapon!
  5. Really to access and use all its features!
  6. Great price on amazon.com!

The Bad:

  1. It’s not water proof.
  2. It’s not a rechargeable LED flashlight.