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As I’m sure you know, all high tech products and gadgets tend to getter better with time and it seems that not even flashlights can escape this very beneficial trend!

Recent advances in technology have allowed them to practically evolve and become better and more versatile than ever before!

These new flashlights use the latest LED technology and they are becoming more popular every day!

The reason for this is the fact that because of their very bright light beams, LED flashlights can be used in a wide variety of jobs and activities! They are particularly popular and beloved by people who work outdoors, or who enjoy outdoors activities in general!

If you happen to love spending your free time participating in exciting outdoors activities such as hiking and even exploration, you’ll know how useful and important a good LED flashlight can be for you! Its bright light will provide will help illuminate the dark places that you may venture into, such as caves and abandoned buildings and it can also be used to help you find your way home in case you find yourself outside after dark!

LED flashlights produce such bright light, that it can be used to temporarily blind nocturnal animals and drive them away should you feel threatened by them! Most of them, also feature a strobe light function which can be used to signal for help or to attract the attention of other people and search parties more effectively! Some models will even flash in Morse Code that spells SOS! Long story short, if you love hiking and exploring you need to get a good LED flashlight! Who knows, it could end up saving your life some day!

LED flashlights are so popular that it seems that several new models are becoming available on a daily basis! This plethora of models and devices can make the process of choosing the best LED flashlight for you and your specific needs seem like too much of a trouble!

Well don’t worry, we are here to help you! We are going to take a look at what many flashlight reviews claim is one of the best LED flashlights out there right now, the Fenix LD10 132 Lumen LED Flashlight! Is it as good as all those reviewers claim, or is it just a case of undeserved hype over a mediocre product? Well, read my review and you’ll find out!

Fenix LD10 Description

The brand new Fenix LD10 Led flashlight will provide you with everything that’s made Fenix flashlights so popular and successful, in a very compact and lightweight package! In short, they have managed to fill a very small but extremely durable body with all the latest and most cutting edge technology offered today!

The Ld10 Fenix comes equipped with state of the art microprocessors that enable it to provide you with four levels of digitally regulated and consistent brightness! At its highest setting it can produce a whopping 100 lumens of light! It also features a strobe lighting mode, as well as an SOS signaling mode, making it great for people in law enforcement and outdoor activities aficionados! When it comes to build quality, the Fenix LD10 Fenix excels as well!

Its body has been built using airplane grade aluminum, one of the most durable materials ever created and it also features a hard anodized finish that ensures that it will always look great, no matter how harsh the conditions it’s being used in are! It’s also completely water proof in accordance with the very strict IPX-8 standards!

Thanks to its compact size, very  light weight and nigh indestructibility, the LD10 Fenix is one of the best LED flashlights for many outdoors activities like cycling, camping, and backpacking as well as for every day use.

A more detailed look at the features of Fenix LD10

  • Very compact and lightweight!

The Fenix LD10 LED flashlight is extremely compact! It’s just 3 inches long and weighs less than four ounces! In other words, you can have it on your person at all times, and hardly notice that it’s there!

  • Amazing performance!

Despite its diminutive size and the fact that it’s powered by a common AA battery, the LD10 Fenix  can project ts lightbeam up to75 meters, that’s about 246 feet, away!

  • Almost indestructible!

Small things are delicate and easy to break, right? Well it seems like someone forgot to tell that to the Fenix LD10 132 Lumen LED flashlight! It’s body has been built using  the same aluminum they use when building airplanes! This small thing would give RoboCop a run for his money!

  • Extremely bright!

Despite its rather small size, the LD10 is jam packed with state of the art digital regulating technology, which enables it to provide you with four consistently bright output levels and two flashing modes! It can produce up to 132 lumens worth of light, easily!

Pros and Cons of Fenix LD10


  1. Very compact and extremely lightweight, you won’t notice that it’s there while carrying it!
  2. Full of state cutting edge digital technology to ensure maximum performance!
  3. It’s a 100 lumen flashlight that you can easily fit in your pocket!
  4. It can project the beam up to 75 meters away!
  5. Built using very durable aircraft-grade aluminum and completely water proof, making it great for outdoors use!
  6. Runs on common AA batteries!
  7. Great price on amazon.com!

The Bad:

  1. Batteries not included in the package.
  2. It’s not a rechargeable flashlight.

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