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If you love spending your time by participating in outdoors activities and exploration  then you definitely know how important it is to have a good flashlight with you at all times!

Not only will you need it if you intend to explore dark places such as abandoned buildings and caves, but a good flashlight will also help you find your way, in case you find your self out after nightfall!

In fact, having the right flashlight could even save your life since its very bright light beam can also be used to scare attacking nocturnal animals away from you, or to signal search and rescue parties in case you get lost or you get injured after an accident!

For all those reasons, I think that it’s pretty clear and understandable that you’ll need a very high powered flashlight with you during all your ventures into the great outdoors! Which is why the best choice for you, is definitely a LED flashlight! These are the brightest flashlights available right now as well as the most versatile!

They have been adopted by numerous police forces and security agencies all over the planet, because they can produce very bright and powerful light beams that apart from providing better lighting in the dark, they can also be used as self defense wepons! The light produced by an LED flashlight is so bright ad strong that it can can easily blind and disorientate someone for a short amount of time!

Because of their extremely bright light beams, LED flashlights will help you see way better after night fall and they will be much more effective than traditional flashlights when it comes to signal for help or attracting the attention of search parties!

LED flashlights are very popular and in very great demand nowadays, which is why there are literally hundreds of models available on the market! In order to help you pick the best one for you, we’ll take a detailed at one of the most popular and best selling models, the Fenix E21 Flashight! Let’s see what makes this product so cool and popular!

Fenix E21 Overview:

The Brand new E21 by Fenix, is an extremely bright and very well built LED flashlight, that is also so compact and lightweight that you won’t even notice carrying it! When it comes to brightness, definitely the most important feature of every flashlight, the Fenix E21 really shines, pardon the pun, since it comes with the state of the art and very powerful Cree XP-E LED bulb!

It’s body has also been built using exclusively aircraft grade aluminum making it nearly indestructible! It also features a hard-anodized coating, to make sure that it will always look as good as the day you took it out of its packaging! It’s also completely water resistant!

But the best flashlight should also be easy to use, especially in the dark! Well, the E21 Fenix LED Flashlight doesn’t disappoint in that aspect as well! You can easily turn it on off by using the special switch, conveniently located on the tail cap! Also, when it comes to switching between high and low intensity light beam, it is also done very simply and quickly: all you’ll have to do is twist its head!

When it comes to battery life, the Fenix E21 Flashlight needs two AA batteries in order to work and they should last you about 11 hours on the low intensity setting and more 2 hours on the high setting! Finally, since it is a LED flashlight, its bulb will pretty much last for ever, so you won’t have to worry about replacing it!

The Fenix E21 at a glance:

  • Extremely bright: Thanks to its state of the art Cree XP-E LED light bulb, the Fenix E21 will provide you with one of the brightest and most powerful light beams on the market! You can also switch between two light intensity modes, low and high, to extend the life of your batteries!
  • Built to last for ever: The Fenix E21 Flashlight features an aircraft grade aluminum body, complete with a hard-anodized finish! This means that not only it’s virtually indestructible, it will also always look as good as new! Furthermore, its LED light bulb will never need to be replaced!
  • Very user friendly: The E21 Flashlight by Fenix can be easily switched on or off via it’s specially designed tail cap switch and you can select your preferred light intensity setting simply by twisting its head!
  • Excellent battery life: The two AA batteries needed for the E21 Fenix to work will last for more than 11 hours on low intensity setting and more that two hours on high!

Pros and Cons of Fenix E21


  1. One of the brightest LED flashlights out there!
  2. Really easy and simple to use even in complete darkness!
  3. State of the art LED light bulb that will last you a life time!
  4. Amazing build quality!
  5. Great battery life! It only needs two AA batteries that will last for 11 hours on the low setting and more than 2 hours on the high setting!
  6. Completely water resistant!
  7. Great price on amazon.com.


  1. It doesn’t have a strobe light function.
  2. Rechargeable batteries are not included in the package.

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