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When you hear the word flashlight, I’m sure that your mind automatically forms the image of a big, bulky and very heavy thing that may be able to help you see better in the dark, but on the other hand it is too big and heavy for you to have on your person!

But what, let’s not be unfair, there actually are quite a few compact flashlight models out there and some are even small enough to fit in your pockets or for you to keep along with your keys on your key chain, but the problem is that these are usually too underpowered and the only thing they’re usually good for is to help you find the keyhole without turning on the lights, should you return home at night.

But things have at last started to change for the better! Some of the newer LED Flashlights are extremely powerful and at the same time compact enough for you to carry in your pocket! This means that with one of those, you will never find yourself alone in the dark again!

But that’s not all! These LED flashlights are actually used extensively by police forces and professional security guards all over the world! The reason for that, is the fact that they are actually so powerful and bright, that they can be used for self defense!

Yes, you read that right! In case of an attack, all the person “armed” with a LED flashlight has to do is point the light beam towards the attacker’s face and he’ll be rendered temporarily blind and disorientated, thus allowing more time for a proper reaction or a “tactical retreat”! In other words, you could be carrying a bright light source as well as a weapon in your pocket, at all times! What else could you ask for from a compact flashlight?

This is why LED flashlights are so popular nowadays! As a result of this surge in popularity, several new models are finding their way to store shelves on a daily basis! This wide variety of models and devices can make choosing the best LED flashlight for you and your specific needs seem like too much of a trouble!

Well have no fear! We are here to help you! We are going to take a detailed look at what many flashlight reviews claim is one of the best LED flashlights on the market right now, the Fenix LD22 180 Lumen LED Flashlight! Is it as good as all those reviewers claim, or is it just a case of undeserved hype over a mediocre product? Well, read my review if you’d like to find out!

Fenix LD22 Overview

All Fenix Flashlight models are famous for their great performance and amazing build quality, which makes them last quite literally, a life time!

Their brand new model, the Fenix LD22 is no exception to that rule, in fact it could be one of their best yet!

What sets this apart from other compact and pocket LED flashlights, is the fact that it features the latest in digital regulating technology, which allows it to produce multiple levels of light output, each with consistently outstanding performance!

Because of that, the LD20 features six different levels of output! This will allow you to select the one best suited to your current situation in order to maximize battery life!

You can also use the highest level to signal for help in case of an emergency! If you’re looking for a versatile and dependable LED flashlight, then the LD20 Fenix, is definitely the one for you! Impressed?

The Fenix LD22 Flashlight at a glance

  • The Fenix Ld20 is equipped with a state of the art Cree XP-G LED light bulb which will last you for more than 50,000 hours of use!
  • It features 6 modes of light output: Low Mode which can produce 5 lumens of light for 100 hours, Medium mode for 15 hours of 30 lumens light, High Mode which can output 81 lumens for about an hour, Turbo Mode which can produce a whopping 180 lumens of light for 16 mins of non stop use and then it features two flashing modes: there’s the SOS mode which will produce 81 lumens of flashing light and the Strobe mode which can produce 180 lumens of rapidly flashing light, making it great for self defense!
  • The LD22 Fenix LED flashlight is equipped with state of the art regulating technology, in order to provide you with the best and most consistent performance possible, regardless of output level!
  • It runs on two common 1.5V AA batteries, that are cheap and available everywhere!
  • The Fenix LD22 LED flashlight has been built using exclusively the same aluminum that’s used to build airplanes, one of the most durable materials known to man, complete with a Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish, making it practically indestructible
  • Completely water resistant to IPX-8 Standards
  • It is equipped with a specially designed made using Toughened ultra-clear glass complete with a special anti-reflective coating!
  • It comes with many accessories included! In the package you will find a holster, a lanyard, a body clip, two spare o-rings and a rubber switch boot!

The Good and The Bad of Fenix LD22

The Good

  1. It’s an almost 200 lumen flashlight that can fit in your pocket!
  2. Amazing build quality!
  3. Six light output modes, including two flash modes!
  4. Extremely compact and lightweight!
  5. Runs on common AA batteries!
  6. Many accessories included in the package!
  7. Great price on amazon.com.

The Bad:

  1. It’s not a rechargeable flashlight.
  2. Batteries are not included.

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