Fenix PD35 Review – Best 1000 Lumen fenix pd35 flashlight Review

Fenix is a top brand when it comes to quality flashlight makers. Most of their brands provide outstanding features that have served many professional lighting needs and as well for home use. From law enforcers, to hunters, many people have enjoyed Fenix products as they are always top quality.

The new Fenix PD35 flashlight comes with additional features which make it to be better than the last version. It is excellently built and comprises of features that will attract a flashlight enthusiast. It has great brightness, runs for longer hours and is easy to handle as you embark on your endeavors. If you’re a professional or simply love outdoor activities, the Fenix PD35 flashlight can be a great everyday carry item for you. We know there are many brands out there but when it comes to the best in almost every area, the Fenix PD35 is way above the others.

Maybe you’ve been through a lot in searching the best flashlight for your hunting or hiking activities? Now that you’ve landed on this site, your quest is over. This review will discuss more about Fenix and you will in the end agree with us that Fenix PD35 is the best flashlight for various lighting purposes, be it in your home or outdoor.

Let’s begin by looking at the several features that the Fenix PD35 offers:

Features of Fenxi PD35 review

  • Constructed from durable aircraft grade aluminum metal
  • Stainless steel side switch
  • Tactical tail switch
  • CREE XP-L V5 LED Premium type II hard anodized ant-abrasive finish
  • Maximum of 1000 lumens
  • Digitally regulated
  • Anti-roll, slip resistant body design
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Toughened ultra clear glass lens
  • Intelligent memory circuit
  • 5 different operating modes
  • Powered by either 18650 rechargeable battery or two 3V CR123A batteries

What factors make Fenix PD35 a powerful tactical flashlight?


Sometimes people complain about the quality of flashlights as crashing easily yet it’s rated as durable. To me, I think they don’t conduct enough research to find the best flashlights online or in stores. When I started using flashlights, I underwent the same challenge before I became wise. The quality of the construction of a flashlight should not be overlooked at all. Flashlights made from poor materials are hard to last even a day in case they fall down or get rained on.

The Fenix PD35 flashlight is built from genuine and durable aircraft grade aluminum material. This material is able to withstand all the hardships that you might encounter while using it. For instance, it’s both water and scratch resistant. Such a flashlight can be your EDC item for years as you won’t have to buy a new flashlight now and then due to one defect or another. In addition to its durability, the Fenix PD35 is properly designed for easy use and has a nice grip for holding on tight to the flashlight even when faced with danger.

Brightness and mode setting

Fenix PD35 flashlight is one of the brightest flashlights in its category as it comes with over 1000 lumens. In addition, it has CREE XP-L V5 LED bulb which is not only bright but also energy efficient. To facilitate better lighting, the flashlight has 5 light modes which can be adjusted accordingly. These are; low, medium, high, strobe and SOS mode. It has a dual setting for tactical mode and outdoor mode. The highest mode will consume great power while the lowest mode will give you a longer runtime. The strobe mode which has blinding effects for using against attacks consumes 1000 lumens. The lowest mode uses 60 lumens and will run for a period of more than 29 hours and 55 minutes. Not all flashlights have the different modes like the Fenix PD35 does. The 5 mode setting is mostly found in high quality flashlights.

Nature of the battery

A good and quality flashlight should always come handy with a quality and durable battery type/s. The Fenix PD35 is powered by lithium ion batteries. You can decide to use the rechargeable 18650 lithium-ion battery or two 3V CR123A lithium batteries. When you purchase the Fenix PD35 flashlight, two EdinsonBright CR123A batteries are always included in the bundle. Lithium ion batteries are the best to use as they operate for long hours and are economical since you only need to recharge them.

High Performance

The Fenix PD35 is a high performing flashlight as it has a lifespan that exceeds over 50, 000 hours of service. This flashlight is also easy to operate and offers great brightness. It is easy to handle as it has a nice grip for holding. With easy to use features and settings, this flashlight performs way better than its counterparts.

Weight and portability

A flashlight should be a device that is fun and easy to carry wherever you go. That’s why the Fenix PD35 is lightweight and very portable. At only 4 ounces, this shouldn’t be a problem to fit in your backpack or pocket. A sleek design will also mean you can walk proudly with it to any place.

Other accessories

In the past, a flashlight was only meant to light a dark room or path and thus they lacked additional features like the ones they have today. With the advancements in technology, flashlights have embraced extra features which manufacturers add to make it more essential than it was in the past. The Fenix PD35 has some extra features that make it to be an excellent flashlight. These features include; anti-roll slip resistant body, reverse polarity protection, low voltage reminder and intelligent memory circuit. All these features make using the Fenix PD35 more fun and interesting.


  • This flashlight is strongly built with high quality material which is aircraft grade aluminum to resist scratch and water during use.
  • It produces very bright beam that can hit a target several meters away from your position. This is boosted by its 1000 lumen and high quality LED bulb it comes with.
  • The Fenix flashlight is lightweight so that you can carry it in your bag or pocket.
  • For better and easy carry, it has a pocket clip for attaching to your belt as you hunt for your next game.
  • The fenix pd35 is powered by lithium-ion batteries which run for long hours and can be recharged.
  • It has a compact design for easy use and handling
  • The flashlight has different 5 operational modes to facilitate different purposes. The strobe mode can be used to disorient your enemy.


In a broad view, it is easy to say that Fenix PD35 flashlight is one of the best flashlights. It is completely true because the flashlight is fully packed with excellent features that can help you in different situations. The flashlight is reliable and as well very durable. When compared to other flashlights in the same category as Fenix PD35, it’s very clear that this flashlight is above them. Which brand have you been using? Try Fenix PD35 flashlight and see whether there is some or a big difference. To me, this is the flashlight that I always carry with me as I embark on a trip or go out in the dark. It has never disappointed me even a single day. Hope my review has helped you to make an informed decision in acquiring the Fenix PD35 flashlight.

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