Flashlights may be cool and useful for most people because the they can provide a reliable and bright light source in case of an emergency, but they are absolutely necessary and very valuable tools for some professionals!

Have you ever seen a police officer or a security guard who is not carrying a flashlight? You may not know it, but in many states and countries is is actually mandatory for everyone working in law enforcement and security in general, to always be carrying a led flashlight as part of their kit or uniform! This explains why they’re carrying them, but why is it so important?

The answer is actually less obvious than one may expect: it’s because of the invention of LED flashlights! This is because unlike conventional flashlights that are only good for illuminating the area surrounding them, LED flashlights are actually bright and powerful enough to be used as defensive weapons! When confronted by an attacker, the police officer will just have to turn the light beam produced by a LED flashlight towards the attacker’s eyes or head in order to render him temporarily blind and disorientate him!

This will give the officer ample time to counter attack or flee and call for back up! Furthermore, these amazing flashlights are built using high tech materials, which also results in them being generally more compact and lightweight than traditional flashlights!

Because of their many awesome features and uses, LED flashlights have become really popular nowadays and the demand fro them grows on a daily basis! This means that there are now way too man companies making way too many models! It’s easy for one to get lost in this sea of products while looking for the best LED flashlights for his or her needs, which is why we decided to provide you with some help!

In this flashlight review, we will take a look at an amazing new model, the Fenix TK75 2200 Lumens LED flashlight! Many reviewers and users alike claim at their led flashlight reviews that it is one of the best currently available on the market! Do they know what they’re talking about? Well, this and many other questions will be answered by this detailed review! Just keep reading!

Fenix TK75 Overview:

The new Fenix TK75 comes equipped with three state of the art CREE XM-L LED light bulbs, which allow it to produce up to 2200 Lumens worth of light, making it one of the brightest flashlights ever made! Despite this amazingly high output, it’s powered by four D Type Batteries which, depending on the use, can last up to a whole week! Furthermore, the TK75 can also project its light beam more than 720 meters away from the user!

Like all Fenix flashlights, this too features incredible build quality! It’s almost indestructible and it can take all the abuse you can throw at it, making it great for use outdoors, as well as the LED flashlight of choice of many police departments and security companies all over the world! Simply put, this a serious high performance flashlight, for serious users!

Features of Fenix TK75

  • The Fenix TK75 is equipped with three state of the art Cree XM-L LED light bulbs, each with a lifespan of more than 50000 hours of use!
  • It is powered by four high-quality and state of the art D Ni-MH batteries each with a capacity that has been measured at 9000mAh!
  • The Fenix TK75 features digitally regulated output in order to consistently provide you with the best possible performance!
  • It’s equipped with reverse polarity protection, which will keep it safe in case you install the batteries the wrong way!
  • The TK75 Fenix is also equipped with a specially designed over-discharge protection circuit to make sure that the batteries get charged as effectively as possible!
  • It’s very easy to use thanks to a specially designed dual switch system located in its fro
  • It’s made entirely out of durable aircraft-grade aluminum complete with Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive coating, making the TK75 virtually indestructible!
  • Its window is made of extra durable hardened glass, that also features a specially engineered anti reflective coating!

Fenix TK75 Pros and Cons:


  1. Amazingly bright light! This is actually brighter than a 2000 lumen flashlight!
  2. It’s equipped with three state of the art CREE XM-L LED light bulbs, each with a 50,000 hours lifespan!
  3. It has a throw range of 720 meters!
  4. Very easy to use!
  5. Multiple output modes!
  6. Great battery life!
  7. Nearly indestructible!
  8. Great price on amazon.com!


  1. It doesn’t work properly with common Alkaline batteries, so you’ll have to use rechargeable ones.
  2. No strobe or flashing light function.