Fenix uc30 Review 2018

As I’m sure you know by now, the mandatory use of LED flashlights has been adopted by many law enforcement agencies and security agencies all over the world!

The reason behind this is of course their advanced design and capabilities, which allow their employees to use them to improve their vision in badly lit or completely areas, as well as to defend themselves against attackers!

Because of their extremely bright and powerful light output, simply turning the beam at the attacker’s face or head will be enough to blind and disorientate him temporarily in order to provide the user more time to react to the threat more effectively! These amazing new LED flashlights are also so well built and durable, that they can even be used as weapons for hand to hand combat!

Now you may be thinking “I’m not a cop, why should I get a LED flashlight?”, well, allow me to explain! LED flashlights have found their way in thousands of homes these last few years and the reason for that is rather simple: they are very effective light sources in case of an unexpected emergency, such as a power failure!

There are other benefits to owning a LED flashlight though! First of all, thanks to their digital regulators, their batteries will last you much longer than those of conventional flashlights! Their LED light bulbs also will never need to be replaced since they can run for up to 50,000 hours before they “die”! Finally, they are way more durable and can last you a life time! In short, they are better than normal flashlights AND cheaper in the long run!

Since these amazing flashlights are in such high demand there are naturally, hundreds of models available on the market! This means that finding the right one for you can seem really difficult and frustrating, but fear not, we are here to help you! In this led flashlight review, we will take an in depth look at one of the best LED flashlight models currently available on the market, the Fenix TK11R2 High Performance LED Flashlight! Is it really as awesome as so many reviewers claim? Well, read my review to find out!

The Fenix TK11R2 in a nutshell

The brand new Fenix TK11R2 is a very compact and well built tactical flashlight that’s also very bright and powerful! Thanks to the fact that its body is made of airplane grade aluminum and the fact that it’s completely waterproof in accordance to IPX-8 standards, the TK11R2 Fenix is nearly indestructible, making it great for outdoors use and a great addition to a police officer’s or soldier’s equipment!

Furthermore, the Fenix TK11 is equipped with state of the art digitally regulated circuitry and LED light bulbs and it features two output modes: General mode, which is ideal for long term use and illumination of not very dark areas and Turbo mode, which will use up the battery power faster, but will allow the TK11R2 to work at its full capacity and practically turn night and darkness into day! The really awesome thing is that it can do all those things while being powered by two 3V CR 123A Lithium Batteries!

The TK11R2 Fenix in more detail:

  • How big is it?

The Fenix TK11R2 is easily one of the most compact and lightweight high performance LED flashlights on the market! It measures in at just six inches long and weighs in at less than 6 ounces! You won’t even know that you’re carrying it!

  • How far does it illuminate?

Thanks to its special and cutting edge design and engineering, the Fenix TK11R2 can easily project its light beam more than 200 meters, or about 656 feet, away from the user, making it great for signaling for help!

  • What’s it made of?

The Fenix TK11R2 High Performance LED flashlight is made entirely out of aircraft-grade aluminum, whch is one of the most indestructible materials used today! It also features a type III hard anodized anti abrasive coating, that will keep it looking always as good as new! It’s also water resistant to IPX-8 standards! In short, it’s harder to break than a tank!

  • Is it bright?

The TK11R2 Fenix LED flashlight is equipped with state of the art CREE LED light bulbs and digital circuits, which allow it to provide you with the brightest light, consistently!

  • Are there any accessories in the package?

Well, yes! Included in the package, apart from the flashlight itself, you will find a holster, a lanyard, two spare o-rings, a spare rubber switch boot, an allen wrench, two spare screws, and even a copper spacer ring.

The Good and The Bad of Fenix TK11R2

The Good:

  1. Very compact and lightweight!
  2. Amazingly bright light beam!
  3. Has a throw of about 200 meters!
  4. Practically indestructible!
  5. Two output modes allow you to better regulate the life of the batteries!
  6. Great price on amazon.com!

The Bad:

  1. Batteries not included.
  2. Runs on the harder to find CR123A Batteries instead of common AA ones.

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