Nebo Big Larry Magnum COB LED Flashlight

This one is possibly the most exceptional in this list. Nebo Big Larry Magnum COB LED flashlight doesn’t beam up in the front, but throws shade in the side. Aesthetically, it looks very cool and performs just as well as its specifications. No wonder, it is one of the highest rated flashlights on Amazon.

Weighing just 0.45 lbs, it is super-lightweight. In size, its length is 7.43 inches, while the diameter in the barrel is 0.875 inches and head is 1.125 inches. It is extremely easy to carry around. You can pack it in your small bag and even stash it in your pocket.

Nebo Big Larry Tactical Flashlight Features

The body of this flashlight is made using anodized aircraft-grade aluminum that sturdy enough to consume high-impact easily. So fall, tumble and let loose yourself, resting assured that the light will stay in its original condition no matter what. It is also waterproof. So, no need rushing for shade when it starts pouring outside.

Nebo Big Larry Magnum COB LED Flashlight is well capable to produce 400 lumens of intense light. Its secondary light can output low 160 lumens. Plus, there’s also red flash mode to signal when stuck somewhere and in distress.

Away from all its charm and eye-grabbing features, the flashlight does fall short in certain areas. Like, the beam isn’t really too bright! Next, the light doesn’t beam up in the front, which might be a problem for various activities. Add to that the fact that batteries aren’t chargeable and drain quickly in high mode—these might a deal-killer for this flashlight.

Nebo Big Larry Magnum Tactical Flashlight

  •  Looks very beautiful and compact
  •  Light in weight; easy to carry
  •  High-quality aircraft-grade material used
  •  Will last very long
  •  Water and impact resistant
  •  Comes in two different variants
  •  Comfortable grip that makes handling easy
  •  Have Red Flash Mode for emergency purpose
  •  400 lumens isn’t too much
  •  LED placed in the side (not suitable for everyone)
  •  Battery drains quickly

Nebo Big Larry Magnum COB LED Flashlight blends in simplicity and uniqueness effortlessly. It performs well and given it vouches to last longer, it manages to deliver optimally on its price.

Brand Name Nebo
Lumen 400
Length 7.4 in
Item Weight 7.2 ounces
Customer Rating 4.6/5 By 625 Customers

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